The Chocolate Pig Out Cake

ImageA pic of this did the rounds on Facebook etc, and then a friend sent me the recipe – translated from Dutch. Turns out, you don’t need a recipe much. You do need a lot of chocolate though.

Pretty much – make a sandwich cake, sticking the two layers together with normal butter icing. Or Nutella. Because you never can have enough chocolate. Make sure that the sandwiched cake isn’t higher than the length of a Kit Kat.

Put icing around the sides. Or Nutella – because the answer is Nutella.

Use a big knife to cut the KitKats into single fingers. There will be casualties, which, depending on how you look at it, may or may not be a tragedy. Stick the remaining Kit Kats onto the icing/Nutella on the side. You may need to find a happy helper for this part -the Kit Kats don’t always stick on – which is why this really does need to be finished off with the ribbon to hold it all on.

Then for the top. The original recipe talks of using chocolate ganache, which worked the first time I tried it – but didn’t the following twice. I was under a bit of pressure for this particular one, and so the answer was – you guessed it – Nutella. Which looks like mud. This cake took about a jar full for the top – but it was a particularly big cake

You can decorate with anything you want, really – I found these pigs at Kadies in Fourways, which is also where I found the Yoda that I used for a similar one that I did for Matthew’s birthday. You could pile it high with Smarties – or decorate with icing or real flowers.